What sets CTL apart?

We take great pride in our culture that recognizes our employee family for being CTL’s most important asset. Our strategy to develop and enhance the capabilities of our workforce has proven to maximize the value of our services to our clients. As one of the world’s fastest growing composite materials testing laboratories, we believe a vibrant workplace defined by inclusiveness, transparency and engagement is key to our success and future growth.

Our People – Educated and Experienced

Our people are at the heart of our success and strategy for future growth. We believe that long-term, sustained success can only come through our investment in our people. Each member of our workforce is a proud financial stakeholder in our business and we know that our people are key to our differentiation in the composite materials testing market.

Meet Our CTL Team

Commitment to Quality – Creating Value not just data points

Our team is committed to maintaining the highest level of professional excellence in the quality of service to our customers. We believe that quality originates with our staff's commitment to provide the finest level of customer service and feel that maintaining high standards of quality is paramount for client confidence in the reliability and accuracy of our work.

ESOP Ownership Structure – 100% Employee-Owned

Cincinnati Testing Laboratories is an independent, employee-owned company. Our allegiance is always to our client, and not to a parent company, bank or other investment firm. Our independence allows us to attract and retain high-quality professionals. This structure also provides flexibility to develop customized solutions and business connections without limitations and the bureaucracy that can accompany big corporate ownership.

Culture – Emphasizing Service to Clients

Providing consistent, personalized and quality service to our client has been and will always be our number one priority. We seek to hire the most talented, educated professionals so you can benefit from their knowledge and expertise. The integrity of our professionals and their focus to develop long-term business relationships has and will continue to expand our business one referral at a time.

Innovation – Continuous Improvement and Continuous Innovation

We relentlessly pursue continuous improvement and excellence in projects, processes, and services. Our probe-n-learn philosophy is all about taking incremental steps on a daily basis to repurpose the familiar into the unexpected. We emphasize a teamwork approach which leverages our diversity to produce forward thinking ideas that are refined, enriched, and implemented.

Continuing Education – Always Pursuing Knowledge

Encouraging employees to pursue continuing education opportunities improves the quality of advice and service you receive. Every year, we make significant investments in the professional development of our employees. Our ongoing investment in continuing education is one more way we demonstrate our commitment to helping our clients achieve their goals.